Professional IP NVR, 8 Channels

Model Number: DRN-108Q
Coming Soon
•  ONVIF Profile S.
•  High-defi nition recording – up to 1920x1080.
•  H.264 Compression.
•  Free CMS software and free P2P service.
•  Remote monitoring via Internet Explorer, Firefox,Safari, and Chrome.
•  Supports EXT alarm.
•  Supports 8 channel inputs, 1 channel alarm output.
•  Up to 16 channels of 1080p playback @400/480 FPS.
•  VGA and HDMI output.
•  RS-485 Port for PTZ control.
•  2 USB Ports.
•  PC and Mac compatible.
•  Programmable features such as motion detection, events, and more.
•  Easy and convenient fi rmware upgrade via USB.
•  Available without HDD, or with 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB.
•  Supports up to two 4TB drives.
Tags: ip, hd, onvif