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Full-Featured RF Remote Modular Car Alarm System (Discontinued)

Model Number: E-300L
RF Remote Controlled Vehicle Security System from SECO-LARM.
Features include built-in dual-stage glass break sensor (with remote microphone) and dual-stage shock sensor. Built-in starter disable relay and flashing light relay. Outputs for door lock/unlock and domelight. Offers 2-step door unlock output, Automatic Starter Disable, and more.

  • Two three-button RF remotes
  • Flashes parking lights (built-in relay)
  • Patented dual-stage shock sensor
  • Door lock outputs (+/-)
  • Starter-disable output
  • 124dB Multi-tone siren - SH-532L
  • Domelight supervision
  • Multi-function LED
  • Multi-function pushbutton
  • Multiple programming options:
 Active/passive arming, 0.4/6.4-second door lock/unlock output, chirp/no chirp, NO/NC trigger input, permanent  disarm or automatic rearm, current and/or switch sensing, ignition lock/unlock ON/OFF, automatic starter disable ON/OFF

(1) Miniature Brain (31/8x31/4x11/4)"
- Patented Q.Q.T. for quick and quiet test of alarm
- Patented Fail-Safe Arming verifies the alarm will arm
- Patented Phase-II Protection assures continual protection
(2) Two 3-Button, 3-Channel Transmitters
- Ultra-slim design
- Arm/disarm up to 200 ft.
- 68 billion possible codes
- Code learning of up to
4 transmitters
- RF codes stored in EEPROM are saved even if power is lost to the alarm brain for up to one year
- 2nd and 3rd channel RF outputs
- Chirp delete, zone and sensor bypass, and panic
via remote
- Second car operation
- RF CodeWash deletes codes of all remotes (during code learning) to prevent use of lost or
stolen remotes.
(3) Dual-Stage Shock Sensor (patented)
- Separate pre-intrusion & trigger adjustments
- Chirps siren if a light tap to the vehicle is detected, triggers alarm if a strong rap
is detected
- Miniature size. Installs anywhere
(4) Dual-Stage Glass Break Sensor
- Built-in, with remote microphone
(5) Multi-Tone Siren
- Super-small, 3-tone, 124dB. No "Toy" sounds
- Chirps for armed, disarmed, pre-intrusion alert, sensor and
zone bypass
- Patented Stay-Safe DisarmTMshuts off sounding siren without disarming the alarm
(6) 5-Function LED 
- Indicates alarm arming (in passive mode), armed, and disarmed, plus
valet mode
- Indicates RF transmitter reception for troubleshooting

(7) Multi-Function Push-Button
- Valet (panic can still be activated)
- Emergency Disarm (sets alarm to passive arming and gives a 10-sec.
entry delay)
- One-time override of passive arming
(8) Instant Triggering
- Multiple inputs trigger alarm when trouble occurs:
(-) doors, (+) doors, (-) hood/trunk, (-) external sensor, starter sensing
(9) Flashing Parking Lights (Built-in relay)
- Flash continuously if alarm triggered
- Flash when transmitter is used & alarm is
in valet
- Flash for armed, disarmed (special car locator function), pre-intrusion, zone bypass, sensor bypass & tamper
- Pos./neg. output, single- or dual-circuit
(10) Door Lock Outputs
(+ or -)
- Lock/unlock doors via remote, even while driving or in valet
- Programmable ignition-controlled door lock/unlock
- 2-Step door unlock output
(11) Starter Disable Output
(Built-in relay)
- Disables starter once alarm is armed
- Programmable Automatic Starter Disable function can automatically disable the starter after the engine is turned off even if the user forgets to arm
the alarm
- Starter sensing triggers alarm if thieves attempt to start car
(12) Domelight Supervision
- Turns domelight on for 15 seconds when
disarming alarm

(13) Multiple Programming Functions
- Active or Passive Arming
- Chirp or silent arming
- 0.4/6.4-sec. door lock/unlock output
- NA/NC trigger input
- Autolock or active locking of doors
- Permanent disarm or automatic rearm
- Current and/or switch sensing (fan bypass)
- Ignition-controlled lock/unlock ON/OFF
- Automatic Starter Disable ON/OFF
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