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Automatic Voice Dialer for Security Systems (Discontinued)

Model Number: E-920B
  • Easily connects to an alarm panel and automatically dials out when activated.
  • Two independent voice messages. Stores up to four telephone numbers, cellular numbers or pager numbers.
  • Delivers a message of up to 16 seconds to each number stored.
  • Instant trigger or exit and entry delay settings.
  • Repeats the voice message for one minute per call.
  • Waits 8 to 10 rings before dialing the next programmed number.
  • Calls two times when there is no answer or three times when the line is busy.
  • EEPROM retains memory if power is lost for up to one year.
  • Optional 9-Volt internal battery provides standby power for approximately two to three days.
  • Can be used worldwide due to Universal Dial Tone.
  • Can be used with PBX and regular telephone systems.
  • 2 NO/NC trigger inputs.