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45Ft Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Model Number: E-931-S45RRQ
  • 12~250 VAC/VDC.
  • Weatherproof (IP66) construction for indoor/outdoor usage.
  • Includes 3-inch round reflector and hood.
  • Pre-wired 6ft (2m) Cord.
  • Bracket and mounting hardware included. Includes two sensor mounting brackets.
  • Adjustable sensing distance and response time - 5~100ms.
Typical Applications
  • Sensor for garage doors, outdoor gates or overhead doors.
  • Sensor for industrial automation to detect objects on manufacturing line.
  • Entry detection for store fronts.
  • Assist in measuring parking distance.
  • Alarm sensor.

Type NIR Reflective
Current Draw Standby- 70mA@12VDC, Active- 55mA@12VDC
Sensing Range 0.5' to 45' (0.1 - 14m)
Operating Voltage 12~250 VAC / VDC
Reaction time 5ms~100ms adjustable
Light Source IR LED
LEDs - Red Trigger
LEDs - Yellow Alignment
Output SPDT Relay Output (NO/NC/COM)
Switching Capacity 3A@120VAC / 3A@30VDC
Operating Temperature -4º~131º F (-20º~55º C)
Enclosure Weatherproof IP66

Sensor does not detect the object. 
  • Change the angle of the sensor or readjust the sensitivity setting

Yellow LED does not turn on
  • Clean the sensor and reflector with a damp (not wet) cloth
  • Apply a coating of RainX™ to the reflector and the face of the sensor to help keep the units clear of moisture.
  • Adjust the reflector and/or sensor for proper alignment

Red LED lights when object is detected, but no output.

  • Check cable from sensor to alarm device. Test sensor​.