ENFORCER Single-Channel RF Transmitters

SK-919TD1S-UP Fixed Code Transmitter, Pre-coded
SK-919TT1S-BU Fixed Code Transmitter, DIP Switch Coding - see Product Info Sheet
SK-919TDWS-BU Fixed Code Pre-Wired Transmitter, Uncoded - see page
SK-919TP1H-BUQ Fixed Code Transmitter, Handheld - see page
SK-919TD1S-UP, SK-919TT1S-BU
**For example, a secured factory site might want all engineers on a project to have access to the same buildings, while another working group might need access to a different set. Similarly, a gated community might want to have one code for all residents, with the ability to change the code if transmitters disappeared.

*Actual range will vary greatly depending on the installation and operating environment.   
Small linked photo of SK-919TD1S 1-channel RF transmitter

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Compatible Receiver

Photo of 1-channel RF receiver
1 Channel

Product Info Sheet

Installation Manual (Receivers)

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Transmitter Coding

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