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Programmable Delayed Egress Timer Module, 12~24 VDC Operation

Model Number: SA-025EQ
  • 12~24 VDC Operation
  • 3 Relock modes to meet different installation requirements:
    • Standard manual relocking,
    • BOCA (Building Officials Code Administrators) relocking,
    • Timed relocking (1~60 seconds).
  • Programmable nuisance delay timer (0~3 seconds)
  • Adjustable pre-delay timer (1~30 seconds)
  • Adjustable post-delay timer (1~60 seconds)
  • Selectable manual or automatic relocking after power loss
  • Lock relay output (Form C, 10A@24VDC)
  • Remote alarm relay output (Form C, 10A@24VDC)
  • Local alarm output (transistor ground, 500mA@12VDC)
  • Door status input
  • Status LEDs show relay status
  • Bypass input immediately releases locks
  • Free egress input allows easy exit during the delay
Operating Voltage 12~24 VAC/VDC
Current Draw - Local Alarm 35mA@12VDC
Current Draw - Pre-Delay 90mA@12VDC
Current Draw - Standby 120mA@12VDC
Current Draw - Timer Module Only 15mA@12VDC
Lock Control Output 10A@24VDC, Form C, NO/NC/COM
Remote Alarm Output 10A@24VDC, Form C, NO/NC/COM
Local Alarm Output Transistor ground, 500mA@12VDC