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Key Switch Plates, Single-Gang, N.C. Turn-to-Open, Shunt Keyswitch

Model Number: SD-72002-V0
These tough, stainless-steel plates securely and attractively finish your access-control projects. The included N.C. pre-wired keylock switch connects to electromagnetic door locks, gate locks, or other access devices to temporarily or permanently allow entry into or exit from from a protected premises.

Shunt switch, single-gang plate
  • N.C. Turn-to-Open
  • Stainless-steel plate
  • Includes maintained ON/OFF keylock switch
  • Switch can be left ON or OFF
  • Key is removable from the ON or OFF position
  • Key number 1300 (only number in stock)*
Note that for large-volume orders it is possible to order a different key number (1301-1310). Please contact SECO-LARM for details.
Contact Rating 1 Amp @ 12VDC
Replacement Keys SS-090KN-0