Digital Access Keypad- 2 Relay Outputs, Single/Multi-User (Discontinued)

Model Number: SK-983A100
  • Flexible — Ideal for access control and security applications.
  • Secure — Over 100 million possible codes and multiple levels of codes (master, user, duress, quick).
  • Duress code — Allows the user to activate the keypad while simultaneously sending a panic signal or activating a telephone dialer.
  • Quick code — 2-digit version of user code for easy entry/exit.
  • Egress output — Connect to push button inside the protected area to allow exiting the protected area without using the keypad code.
  • Protection against unauthorized use — Programmable code lockout or duress output after multiple unsuccessful attempts to key in the code.
  • Stainless-steel face — Durable finish for long-lasting great looks and protection.
  • Built-in buzzer — Audible confirmation of functions and coding.
  • Back box included.