Electric Door Strikes for Wood Doors

SK-990AQ* Fail-Secure
(Door unlocked with power connected)

SK-990BQ* Fail-Safe
(Door locked with power connected)

*Please note that the "Q" indicates compliance with European RoHS environmental standards.

RoHS logo*
  • The SECO-LARM Electric Door Strikes convert cylindrical lock sets to an electronic access controlled locking system.
  • Can be used on virtually any cylindrical door locking system.
  • Use of a digital keypad with the unit assures high security without the need of a key.
  • Easily connects to SECO-LARM's SK-1011-SQ or SK-1311-SQ Electronic Keypads.
  • Suitable for office-type applications.
  • CE approved.
  • Baked painted finish.
  • Fail-Secure (SK-990AQ) units are perfect for entrance door installations.
  • Fail-Safe (SK-990BQ) units are perfect for emergency door and escape door installations.
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Product Info Sheet

SK-990AQ SK-990BQ
Type Fail Secure Fail Safe
Circuit Type N.O. N.C.
Input Voltage 10~14VDC 10~14VDC
Current 450mA 200mA
Coil Resistance 26Ω 60Ω
Polarity None None
Weight 350g 350g

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