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Passive Proximity Immobilizer (Discontinued)

Model Number: SLI 762PP-ISS
Passive Proximity --
The only vehicle security system which arms and disarms automatically
  • 3-point immobilization.
    Starter, ignition, & fuel pump (includes 2 on-board relays and 1 output).
  • Two tamper-proof controllers.*
    Disarm the immobilizer automatically when brought near the ignition switch, cannot be electronically or physically copied.
  • Simple.
    No keys or jacks or transmitters needed to deactivate, and no battery required for the controller.
  • Multiple car operation.
    Code learning.

    Learns up to 4 controller codes into EEPROM, with trillions of possible codes.
  • Passive arming.
    Automatically arms 30 sec. after ignition turned OFF, engine can be restarted during that time.
  • Secure valet/override mode.
    Requires unique 3-digit code.
  • Installer test mode.
    Helps locate the best position for the deactivation coil.
  • Street tough.
    All black wires, helps prevent the disabling of system by thieves.
  • Multi-function LED indicator
    Indicates arming, armed, disarmed, code learning, valet/override mode.
  • Replacement controllers - SLI 762PPK
    Discontinued - available by special request
Operating voltage 9~15 VDC
Number of Relays 2
Operating Temperature -40º~185 ºF (-40 º~85 º C)
Relay Rating 30A@12VDC
Current Draw Standby- 10mA@12VDC, Active- 230mA@12VDC