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RF Keyless Vehicle Entry Upgrade (Discontinued)

Model Number: SLI 820R
Discontinued Product: Replaced by SLI 820RTF
  • ​Easily turns most factory keyless entry systems into complete security systems
  • Uses the vehicle's OEM transmitters to arm and disarm system
  • Automatically learns polarity of vehicle's door locks for simple installation
  • Includes dual-stage electronic shock sensor
  • Built-in parking light relay
  • Starter disable output
  • Push-button included for valet and emergency disarm (VET)
  • LED indicates arming
  • 5 instant-triggering zones
  • Defective zone bypass
  • Patented fail-safe arming
  • Programmable
Siren +12VDC, 2A, programmable steady/pulse
Parking Lights On-board 10A DPST relay, 3 wires (com & 2 x N.O.)
Starter Disable 500mA transistor ground
LED Output 15mA
Door Lock 200mA transistor ground
Horn 200mA transistor ground
N.O. Negative for Door Yes
N.O. Positive for Door Yes
N.O. Negative for Hood/Trunk Yes
N.O. Negative for Auxiliary Sensor Trigger Yes
N.O. Negative for Auxiliary Sensor Pre-Alert Yes
Ignition Switch Sensing Yes