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6-in-1 Multi-Purpose 12VDC Tester (Discontinued)

Model Number: ST-BT02Q
  • Performs 6 essential tests in the field:
    • Continuity Testing: Check the continuity of a circuit, wire run, or dry contact
    • Voltage Testing: Check the voltage of power sources in the field without a multimeter
    • Load Testing: Apply a simulated 1A or 500mA load to power sources to check the voltage under load
    • Polarity Testing: Check polarity of wires using the illuminated power connector
    • Voltage Drop Testing: Check the amount of voltage drop over long cable runs
    • PTC Fuse Testing: Check the integrity of PTC fuses
  • Strength indication LEDs help test Load, Voltage, and PTC Fuses
  • Selectable load: 0.5A or 1A to test wiring depending on location, device to be tested, and anticipated voltage drop
  • Illuminated power connector: Clearly displays voltage polarity
  • Overheat indicator
  • Alligator clips included
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Maximum Load 0.5 / 1 A (switch selectable)
Power - All Other Tests passive: no power required
Power - Continuity 3VDC CR1220 Battery (included)
Weight 1.4-oz (40g)
Dimensions 2"x1-3/4"x1-1/8" (51x44x29 mm)