3-Channel 315MHz RF Receiver, 11~24 VAC/VDC, Relay Output

Model Number: SK-910R3Q
Controls home automation functions, garage doors, alarm panels, etc., from up to 500ft (150m).* Similar to SK-910RBQ  &  SK-910RB2Q except with 3 outputs, independently programmable. Compatible with both fixed code and code-hopping transmitters. (See manual for details) Mode switch for easy programming. 3 LEDs, one per channel, indicate RF reception, learn mode, transmitter cleared, output type.
Add optional plug-in extended range antenna: SK-91ERSD.
  • Use to control home automation functions, garage door openers, house lights, alarm control panels, motorized gates, lifts or other devices by remote control
  • Patented CODEBUMPTM anti-codegrabbing technology (requires use of CODEBUMP transmitter)
  • Operating Frequency 315MHz (433MHz - 433.92MHz also available by request)
  • Uses either fixed code or code hopping SECO-LARM transmitters with up to 500ft (150m) range* using standard antenna
  • External extended range antenna optional. Plugs directly into receiver PC Board. If the SECO-LARM ENFORCER SK-91ERSD (Dipole Antenna) is used, range will be up to 1000ft (300m)*
  • Mode switch for easy transmitter learning
  • Easily Code-learns up to 15 remotes per channel
  • Stores codes safely in EEPROM for up to one year in case of power loss
  • Three Form-C dry relay contact (NO/NC/COM) outputs. Each output rated 10 Amps at 24 VDC
  • 3 Separate Channels / 4 Output Modes Each:
    1. Timed Momentary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30, 60 sec.)
    2. Toggle (On/Off)
    3. Latch (Output stays on until manually reset)
    4. Continuous or Validity (Output for as long as signal is received)
  • All outputs are independently controlled. (i.e. Channel 1 can be toggle, Channel 2 can be one second momentary, etc.)
Note: If the timed momentary output is chosen for any channel, there will be only one time available for all channels. In other words, if a one-second output time is selected for one channel, then all other timed momentary outputs will be one second.
55/16"x315/16"x11/8" (135x100x27.5 mm)
  • Three LEDs (One LED for each channel) to indicate RF reception, learn mode entered, transmitted learned, memory cleared
  • Use to control the garage door, house lights, alarm control panel, or other functions that require momentary or shunt operation
  • In addition, these receivers have:
    1. Hi-Q SELECTIVITY and a CODING IC for rejecting unwanted RF signals
    2. HIGHER SENSITIVITY for greater operating distances
    3. UNSURPASSED ANTENNA MATCHING CAPABILITIES so the receiver is less affected by how and where mounted
    4. GREATER TUNING STABILITY so the receiver's frequency remains unaffected by shock and vibration

*Actual range will vary greatly depending on the installation and operating environment.

Type WIRELESS - 3-Channel RF Receiver
Operating voltage 11~24V AC/DC
Range Up to 500' (150m) with SECO-LARM transmitters
Dimensions 5-5/16" x 3-15/16" x 1-1/8" (135 x 100 x 27.5 mm)
Relay Rating Three Form "C" dry relay contacts (NO/NC/COM); rated 10A@24VDC
Current Draw ~12mA@12VDC (standby), 50mA@12VDC per channel activated
# of Stored Transmitter Codes 15 per channel, 45 per receiver
Extended Range Antenna Compatible Yes (SK-91ERSD)
Compatible Transmitters Fixed-Code Models : (SK-919 Series), CODEBUMP Models: (SK-917T Series)
Relay Output Modes Programmable independent outputs: timed momentary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30, 60 sec.), toggle (ON/OFF), latched, continuous
Connectors Screw terminals, +, -, with NO/NC/COM per channel
RF Codes 18 quintillion, for ENFORCER CODEBUMP remotes. 68 billion, for ENFORCER fixed-code remotes

UPC: 676544014218
Tags: receivers, rx