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Keyless Entry and Alarm System

Model Number: SLI 820RTF
Miniature Alarm Brain
  • All-modular connections eliminating hardwaring
  • Patented Q.Q.T. (Quick and Quiet Test) ensures alarm is working properly
  • Patented Fail-Safe arming verifies the alarm will arm
  • Phase ll Protection
Two 4-Button, 2-Channel "Icon" Remotes
  • Easy to read icons make understanding the alarm simple
  • Up to 200 feet range. 68 billion possible codes
  • Code learning makes it easy to add new remotes. Learn up to 4 remotes. RF CodeWash automatically deletes lost or stolen remotes every time a new remote is programmed
  • Separate arm, disarm, and panic buttons
  • Aux. button (*) controls chirp delete, sensor bypass, and channel 2.
124 dB Multi-Tone Siren
  • Small, 6-tone, 124dB, no "toy" sounds
Dual-Stage Shock Sensor (Patented)
  • Separate pre-intrusion & trigger adjustments
7-Function LED
  • LED indicates arming status, armed, disarmed, valet mode,triggered zone ID, triggered zone recall, and RF transmitter reception
Multi-Function Push Button
  • Activates/Deactivates valet mode
  • For emergency disarming, code learning, and programing
Door Lock Outputs(+/-reversing)
  • Ignition controlled door locking & unlocking (separate)
  • Driver priority door unlock output
  • Double pulse unlock
Starter Disable (-output)
  • Normally Open/Normally Closed circuit programmable.
  • Automatic Starter Disable (ASD) feature disables starter after 10 minutes for customers who want extra protection in activearming mode
Dome Light Supervision (-output)
  • Turns vehicle’s interior lights on for 30 seconds
  • Flashes interior lights when triggered.
12 Programing Functions
  • Passive/active arming, chirp/no chirp, SecureLock on/off, ignition-controlled door locks on/off, steady or pulsed (horn) output on siren wire, door error chirps on/off, ASD on/off, 0.7/3.5 seconds door lock timing, double pulse unlock on/off, passenger unlock/pulsed horn output, N.O. or N.C. starter disable output.
Situation Possible Problem Solution
Door locks not responding Door lock/ Unlock polarity not learned
  • See procedure on page 19 in the Tech manual.

Under passive arming (switch sensing), siren does not chirp when the last door/hood/trunk is closed.
Door/hood/trunk pin switch not connected, or broken, or its height is not adjusted properly
  • Check blue or blue/white wire (depending on which switch) at brain with VOM. If ground when door or hood or trunk open, and not when closed, then problem with wire harness or brain, Otherwise, check switch, wire, or connection.
Not all doors trigger the alarm
Door switches are isolated by diodes.
  • Connect trigger wire to under-dash courtesy lights, or connect individual pin switches to each door.
Too many false alarms Shock sensor or door pin switches, or current sensing.
  • Reduce shock sensor trigger sensitivity, and double-check all door and hood/trunk pin switches.
More than one chirp when arming ( active mode) Alarm detects open circuit, does zone bypass.
  • Check all openings to see which is not closed properly.

Siren does not chirp.
Set for chirp delete.
  • Reprogram to restore chirp.
Sirens chirps or LED flashes while driving. Yellow wire of 8-pin connector loose.
  • Check the connection.
Siren continually emits a strange quiet sound. Poor main brain ground.
  • Check the main brain ground, make sure good contact, and not grounded together with siren.
Cut main power wire (red wire), and alarm looses power. Fused orange and fused red wire connected to the same source.
  • Connect these two wires to separate sources of +12VDC (feature not available for (-) parking light systems)

Testing of hardwired zone, or auxiliary sensor, or current sensor does not trigger alarm.
Tried to test the triggers to soon after the alarm was armed
  • Wait 4 sec. (hardwired triggers) or 15 sec. (current sense) after arming before testing

Troubleshooting for ENFORCER Remote Transmitters
Situation Possible Problem Solution
Poor transmitter range
  1. Low or dead transmitter battery
  2. Metal of car body reflecting RF waves
  3. RF Interference
  • Replace the battery
  • Mount alarm brain in another location
  • Fold or roll up (do not cut) alarm brain antenna
Transmitter LED doesn't flash when button pushed
  1. Loose battery Connection
  2. Low or Dead transmitter battery.
  3. Defective transmitter.
  • Make sure batter contact with clip is tight and clean.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Replace the transmitter
Transmitter does not work when siren is sounding. Alarm brain too close to siren or honking horns
  • Increase the distance between siren and alarm brain, and make sure the two are not grounded together
Alarm doesn't respond to pressing the transmitter button. Transmitter not code-learned to alarm
  • Code-learn the transmitter.