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Dual-Color Vandal-Resistant RTE Plate with Buzzer and Timer

Model Number: SD-7257-SSTQ
The ENFORCER Dual-Color Vandal-Resistant Request-to-Exit Plate with Buzzer and Timer uses a stainless steel vandal-resistant button, illuminated by a circular perimeter LED, weatherproof (IP65), and includes a built-in adjustable buzzer and timer. For indoor use only.
• 12~24 VDC Operation
• Operating modes: Timed (0.5~60 s), toggle, and momentary
• Pushbutton can still operate as a momentary mechanical switch
   when power is lost
  Buzzer volume: 80dB max., adjustable
  Programmable reminder function, LED flashes and buzzer sounds for last 4 seconds of timed output
  "EXIT" and "SALIDA" silk-screened on plate
  Vandal-resistant, ø1-3/16" (ø30mm) dual-color, illuminated pushbutton
  LED colors: Red on standby, green on activation
• IP65 Weatherproof when properly installed

Product Sound

Faceplate Single-gang
Button Vandal-resistant with dual-color circular perimeter LED
LED colors Standby: Red Active: Green
Operating voltage 12~24 VDC
Contact rating [email protected]
Relay Output Trimpot Full left: Momentary (default), Middle: Timer setting, 0.5~60 s, adjustable Full right: Toggle
Electrical configuration NO/NC
Reminder Jumper ON: LED will flash and buzzer will sound 4 seconds before output stops (default) OFF: Green LED and buzzer will sound during activation
Operating temperature 32°~167° F (0°~75° C)
Dimensions 2-3/4"x4-1/2"x1-7/16" (70x114x36 mm)
Weight 3.4-oz (98g)
Connector type 6-Pin wafer
Buzzer Sound Level [email protected] max., adjustable: off / low / med. / high (default)
IP Rating Weatherproof IP65