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Video – ENFORCER AI Solutions

Welcome to the future of surveillance, with ENFORCER AI-powered CCTV systems. Our systems analyze real-time footage and recognize patterns to offer you unparalleled security. Experience the efficiency of AI in CCTV, reducing the workload on human operators and improving accuracy over time. With our AI-CCTV systems, your safety is not just monitored, it’s ensured. Welcome to a safer, smarter, and more secure world.

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Webinar – Artificial Intelligence in ENFORCER NVRs & Cameras

Eduardo Cortés Coronado, representative of SECO-LARM, discusses with Ventas De Seguridad the importance of enhancing security through artificial intelligence solutions using ENFORCER CCTV cameras and network video recorders (NVRs). These advanced systems can provide more efficient and effective surveillance, which is crucial for protecting properties and people. CCTV cameras with AI capabilities can detect suspicious behaviors, recognize faces and vehicles, and alert operators in real time. Additionally, NVRs allow secure storage and recording management. In an increasingly connected world, these solutions are essential for maintaining security in commercial, residential, and industrial environments.

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Press Release | Ultra-Low-Light Active Deterrence Cameras

EV-N2806-2W4DIP 8MP Ultra-Low-LightActive Deterrence Turret Camera EV-N1806-2W4D IP 8MP Ultra-Low-Light Active Deterrence Bullet Camera SECO-LARM, a leading provider of security solutions, announces the launch of its ENFORCER Ultra-Low-Light Active Deterrence Cameras. These next-generation IP cameras empower users with exceptional image quality, proactive security measures, and seamless installation, making them ideal for homes, businesses, and institutions seeking heightened security. The ENFORCER cameras represent a significant leap forward in security camera technology. By combining superior low-light performance with AI-powered active deterrence, these cameras not only capture crystal-clear footage but also take immediate action to deter potential threats. Uncompromised Clarity in Any Light The ENFORCER cameras boast exceptional 4K resolution, delivering sharp and detailed images. Equipped with advanced Sony CMOS sensors and ultra-low-light technology, they excel in capturing color footage even in challenging lighting conditions. This ensures you have the evidence you need, regardless of the time of day or night. Beyond Recording: Proactive Security with AI The ENFORCER cameras go beyond passive recording, leveraging built-in AI to actively deter potential threats. The cameras boast 12 advanced AI features, including: Facial recognition License plate recognition Intrusion detection Object recognition When the camera detects a potential threat, it can take immediate action, such as:

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SECO-LARM at Expo Seguridad México 2024

Join us in our interview with Ventas de Seguridad, as we go through the wide variety of ENFORCER products. SECO-LARM had many products on display including our NVR & Camera Kits and our Bluetooth Access Controllers. We encourage you to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and to click the bell to receive notifications of new SECO-LARM videos.

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