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ENFORCER 295 - Alarm Control Panel*

Model Number: E-295
*Special order item only. Contact SECO-LARM for more details:

5 Separate zone inputs
  • N.O. or N.C. (selectable) instant zone with exit delay
  • N.C. instant zone with exit delay
  • N.C. delay zone with entry and exit delays
  • N.O. 24-hour panic zone with no entry and exit delays
  • N.C. 24-hour tamper zone instant trigger no delay
5 Zone shunting switches correspond to the 5 zone inputs. Shunt out any zone that is not working properly to prevent false alarms.
All inputs are super-high-transient protected.
3 Adjustable timers.
  • Entry delay timer adjustable from 1 sec to 45 sec.
  • Exit delay timer adjustable from 1 sec to 45 sec.
  • Alarm duration timer adjustable from 3 sec to 20 min.
9 Status LEDs.
  • (LEDs #1-5) Individual zone status green LEDs
  • Total zone status green LED. Indicates total zone status of the five zones
  • Arm/disarm/shunt status red LED. Indicates if alarm is armed, disarmed, or if a zone has been shunted
  • Entry/Exit status yellow LED. Indicates if alarm is in entry or exit delay mode
  • Primary power status red LED. Indicates if AC power is on or off
  • All 9 status LEDs visible when cabinet is closed
2 Alert signals for entry and exit delay.
  • Exit delay: A pulsed output during exit delay
  • Entry delay: A constant output during entry delay
  • Patented Automatic Extended Exit Delay (A.E.E.D.): Opening a switch/sensor connected to an exit delay zone before the exit delay elapses automatically extends the exit delay for as long as the switch/sensor remains open
  • Fail-safe circuitry: Alarm cannot be armed unless all switches and sensors connected to unshunted zones are in their non-violated state
  • Phase-II continual protection: To assure continuous protection, any input that remains triggered after the alarm duration has elapsed will shut down. All other inputs will remain armed
  • Multi-remote arm/disarm: Allows for the installation of up to 10 arming/disarming devices
  • Arm/disarm report output: Sends 100mA transistor ground signal to indicate alarm is armed or disarmed
  • Tamper output: Sends a 100mA transistor ground signal for as long as the tamper zone is activated
  • Dry relay contact panic output (C. - N.O.): Relay contacts close when the panic zone is activated
  • Positive voltage (3 Amp) relay alarm output: Powers signaling devices like a siren, bell, dialer, etc.
  • Works on 16V AC/DC with back-up battery input
  • Use with DC adapter or Class-II transformer
  • Regulated power supply and recharger
  • Heavy-duty, beige-colored steel cabinet: Measures 81/2"x31/8"x117/16(215x79x290 mm)
  • Detachable front cover of steel cabinet
  • 2 tamper switches included: Detects if steel cabinet front cover opened or cabinet removed from wall