ENFORCER 295 – Alarm Control Panel

Your ENFORCER 295 CONTROL PANEL is meticulously designed to provide its user the most complete protection, while not forgetting the need for ease of installation. The ENFORCER 295 is designed to detect the presence of an intruder who gains unauthorized entry into your home, office, shop, or school. Once triggered, the ENFORCER 295 will alert you, your neighbors, or even a central station, of the prowler and either scare him away or lead to his capture. Easy hook-up of fire protection devices is also possible.

Special order item only. Contact SECO-LARM for more details:

5 Separate zone inputs

  • N.O. or N.C. (selectable) instant zone with exit delay
  • N.C. instant zone with exit delay
  • N.C. delay zone with entry and exit delays
  • N.O. 24-hour panic zone with no entry and exit delays
  • N.C. 24-hour tamper zone instant trigger no delay
5 Zone shunting switches correspond to the 5 zone inputs. Shunt out any zone that is not working properly to prevent false alarms.
All inputs are super-high-transient protected.
3 Adjustable timers.

  • Entry delay timer adjustable from 1 sec to 45 sec.
  • Exit delay timer adjustable from 1 sec to 45 sec.
  • Alarm duration timer adjustable from 3 sec to 20 min.

9 Status LEDs.

  • (LEDs #1-5) Individual zone status green LEDs
  • Total zone status green LED. Indicates total zone status of the five zones
  • Arm/disarm/shunt status red LED. Indicates if alarm is armed, disarmed, or if a zone has been shunted
  • Entry/Exit status yellow LED. Indicates if alarm is in entry or exit delay mode
  • Primary power status red LED. Indicates if AC power is on or off
  • All 9 status LEDs visible when cabinet is closed

2 Alert signals for entry and exit delay.

  • Exit delay: A pulsed output during exit delay
  • Entry delay: A constant output during entry delay
  • Patented Automatic Extended Exit Delay (A.E.E.D.): Opening a switch/sensor connected to an exit delay zone before the exit delay elapses automatically extends the exit delay for as long as the switch/sensor remains open
  • Fail-safe circuitry: Alarm cannot be armed unless all switches and sensors connected to unshunted zones are in their non-violated state
  • Phase-II continual protection: To assure continuous protection, any input that remains triggered after the alarm duration has elapsed will shut down. All other inputs will remain armed
  • Multi-remote arm/disarm: Allows for the installation of up to 10 arming/disarming devices
  • Arm/disarm report output: Sends 100mA transistor ground signal to indicate alarm is armed or disarmed
  • Tamper output: Sends a 100mA transistor ground signal for as long as the tamper zone is activated
  • Dry relay contact panic output (C. – N.O.): Relay contacts close when the panic zone is activated
  • Positive voltage (3 Amp) relay alarm output: Powers signaling devices like a siren, bell, dialer, etc.
  • Works on 16V AC/DC with back-up battery input
  • Use with DC adapter or Class-II transformer ​
  • Regulated power supply and recharger
  • Heavy-duty, beige-colored steel cabinet: Measures 81/2“x31/8“x117/16” (215x79x290 mm)
  • Detachable front cover of steel cabinet
  • 2 tamper switches included: Detects if steel cabinet front cover opened or cabinet removed from wall


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