Infrared Proximity Sensor – Square – Green/Blue

ENFORCER IR Proximity Sensors are compact and can be programmed to unlock an electronic door lock when an object (such as a hand) is passed in front of the sensor or trigger an alarm when an object (such as a valuable possession) is removed from the sensing area. This flexibility makes ideal for both anti-theft and access control applications.

  • Access control: Mount the sensor to a wall or plate in a protected area. A user can wave a hand in front of the sensor to unlock an electric lock for no-touch, protected egress.
  • Anti-theft: Place the sensor under or behind a painting or other valuable object. If the object is removed, the sensor will trigger an alarm to alert the owner
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  • No-touch operation reduces the risk of spread of germs, viruses, etc., through cross-contamination
  • Adjustable sensor range 2-3/8″~8″ (6~20 cm), 3A relay, adjustable trigger duration 0.5~30 seconds or toggle
  • LED illuminated sensor area for easy identification
  • Selectable LED colors (turns from red to green or green to red) to show if the sensor is activated
  • OEM / Private label available

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Operating Voltage 12~24 VDC
Relay Type Form C dry contact, NO/NC/COM, 3A@24VDC
Response Time 10mS
Output Time Adjustable, 0.5~30s, toggle, or as long as sensor is triggered
Range Adjustable, 2-3/8″~8″ (6~20cm)
Operating Temperature -4°~131° F (-20°~55° C)
Dimensions 1-3/4″x2-1/8″x1-7/16″ (44x55x37 mm)

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