Wireless Video Door Phone

The ENFORCER Wireless Video Door Phone is a convenient and secure way to monitor and control an entryway, such as a door or gate, from up to 492 feet (150 meters)* away. When a guest or visitor presses the doorbell button on the camera unit, the homeowner can use one of up to three lightweight, wireless LCD monitors† to see who is requesting entry, speak with the caller, take a photo, and decide whether to grant entry. The video door phone can be expanded with up to two additional monitors and one additional camera. If multiple monitors are set up, then the system can also be used as an intercom system between each monitor.

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  • Wireless operation – camera and monitor can operate from up to 492ft (150m)* away
  • Remotely and securely talk to visitors and unlock doors or gates via the monitor
  • Monitor can be carried around the premises while talking to the visitor
  • Connect up to two additional monitors and one additional camera†
  • Intercom calling between paired monitors†
  • Camera has built-in IR LEDs for nighttime use
  • Camera powered by 9~16 VAC/5~16 VDC
  • Camera includes a built-in PIR sensor that activates the camera and takes photos of the visitor when they approach
  • Monitor includes a kickstand
  • Monitor front door at any time
  • Egress input
  • 170° wide field of view
  • Adjustable camera pan and tilt angle—up to 20° from centerline in any direction—to allow for mounting variations

*Line-of-sight range. Actual range may vary depending on the installation and operating environment.
†Additional monitors and camera sold separately.


IP Rating Camera Only: IP55 Weatherproof
Type Color camera
Resolution 640 TV Lines
Lens 2mm
Viewing Angle Up to 20° any direction
Operating Voltage 9~16 VAC / 5~16 VDC
Relock Delay 3/6/8 Seconds
Relay Output 3A@24VAC/24VDC
Current Draw Active 300mA@12VDC Standby 15mA@12VDC
Battery Life Active ~7 Hours Standby ~60 Days
Dimensions 3 1/8″x 5 11/16″x1 15/16″
(80x144x50 mm)
Weight 4.3-oz (122g)
Operating Temperature 14°~122° F (-10°~50° C)


Type Color camera
Resolution 640 TV Lines
Lens 2mm
Field of view 170°
Camera angle adjustment Up to 20° any direction
Operating voltage 9~16 VAC / 5~16 VDC
Relock delay 3/6/8 Seconds
Relay output 3A@24VAC/24VDC
Current draw Active: 300mA@12VDC, Standby: 15mA@12VDC
Battery life Active: ~7 hours, Standby: ~60 Days
IR LED Range 5′ (1.5m)
IR LED Frequency 940nm
PIR Detection range 9′ (3m)
PIR Detection angle 60°
Dimensions (with bracket) 3-1/8″x5-11/16″x1-15/16″(80x144x50 mm)
Weight 4.3-oz (122g)
Operating temperature 14°~122° F (-10°~50° C)



Product Information Sheet (PI)


The monitor’s screen is blank
  • Make sure the “ON/OFF” or “OK” button was pressed to wake the monitor
  • Make sure the monitor’s battery is charged
  • Plug the charger directly into the monitor
The monitor is not charging
  • Remove the battery from the battery compartment and clean both the battery contacts and the monitor’s connection contacts
  • Make sure the kickstand is extended when placing in the charger stand
  • Make sure the power adapter is correctly connected to the charger stand
  • Connect the power adapter directly to the monitor
The monitor does not ring
  • Check that the volume is turned up
  • Check that the monitor is in standby mode
  • Check that the monitor is placed in the mounting bracket
The monitor cannot connect to the camera
  • Check that the monitor has been paired with the camera
  • Check that the monitor is within range of the camera
The monitor’s screen image quality
is poor
  • Adjust the monitor’s display brightness
  • Clean the camera’s lens using a soft, clean cloth
  • Change the position of the camera
  • Move the monitor away from potential sources of interference (microwaves, television, lamps, etc.)
The monitor is unable to activate the camera’s relay
  • Make sure the user is pressing the “Menu/Unlock” button when in two-way communication (the microphone icon is lit and does not have an “X” through it)
  • Check the wiring between the camera and the optional door locking device
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