Voice Dialer

When triggered by an alarm system, the ENFORCER Voice Dialer can dial up to 6 numbers (up to 3 times for each number) and deliver an 18-second user-recorded message, repeating up to two times. The last 6 seconds of the message can be customized depending on which of the three inputs has triggered the alarm. Each number can contain up to 14 digits, including the number, tones, and pauses. The receiver can then listen in, stop further dialing of alarm numbers, or trigger an auxiliary relay output connected to an external device such as a door lock, siren, strobe light, etc. The user is able to listen in by remote call in as well as trigger or turn off the auxiliary relay.

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  • Trigger-activated dialer with user-recorded 18-second alarm message
  • The last 6 seconds of the alarm message is individually customizable for each input
  • 3 Trigger inputs and 1 inhibit input, each programmable high (input >3.5V) or low (input <1V)
  • 1 Auxiliary relay output, NO/NC programmable for 1~255 seconds
  • Works as a stand-alone unit or connected to a security system
  • LCD display indicates status, either “ready” or “alarm” showing which input and number dialed
  • Listen in, stop the dialing process, and/or turn the auxiliary output on or off during dialer call out
  • Call in at any time to listen in to room and/or turn the auxiliary output on or off
  • 6 Programmable alarm telephone numbers (up to 14 digits each)
  • Programmable auto-dialing to call each number three times or call a single number
  • Built-in flash memory to protect against system data loss in case of power failure
  • Tone or pulse dialing
  • Terminal blocks for all external connections
  • Wall-mountable


Phone System For single-line analog or VOIP phone systems
Operating Voltage 10~18 VDC
Current draw (max.) – Standby 50mA@12VDC
Current draw (max.) – Dialing 200mA@12VDC
Alarm message length (user recorded) 12s site message + 6s individual message for each input
Programmable alarm phone numbers 6
Maximum digits per phone number 14
Programmable dial attempts Up to 3 times per number
Alarm message repeat 1~2 times for each number
Trigger inputs – 1~3 Programmable high (input >3.5V, max. 15V) N.O. or N.C. or low (input<1V) N.O. or N.C.
Trigger inputs – Inhibit Programmable high (input >3.5V, max. 15V) N.O. or N.C. or low (input<1V) N.O. or N.C.
Auxiliary output 2A@24VDC, NO/NC, programmable 1~255s
Operating temperature 32°~140°F (0°~60°C)
Weight 15.9-oz (450g)
Dimensions 4-1/16″x5-9/16″x1-11/16″ (104x142x43 mm)

Product Information Sheet



Dialer will not dial out
  • Ensure sure that the telephone line is working and is firmly connected to the correct terminal on the dialer.
  • Make sure that you have programmed at least one telephone number into the unit and that the full number has been stored.
Unit doesn’t respond to a call-back
  • Check to see if another unit (fax or answering machine) could be answering the call and remove the other unit.
  • Adjust the call-in ring detect setting so the dialer will answer.
Difficulty in activating ‘listen in’ by telephone remote control
  • Try pressing the code key again.
  • Move to a quieter location as ambient noise may affect the dialer’s ability to detect the tone signal.

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