Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor, 35ft

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  • For outdoors gates, garage doors, etc.
  • Adjustable sensing range
  • 12~240 VDC / 24~240 VAC Operation
  • Current draw: Up to 40mA@12VDC
  • For indoor or outdoor use (IP66 Weatherproof)
  • Pre-wired 6.5ft (2m) cord
  • Brackets and mounting hardware included
  • Compact size
  • New single-gang box and wall-mount brackets available

Typical Applications

  • Sensor for garage doors, outdoor gates or overhead doors
  • Sensor for industrial automation to detect objects on manufacturing line
Type NIR Reflective Photoelectric Sensor
Current Draw Standby- 12VDC@20mA; 24VDC@10mA, Active- 12VDC@40mA; 24VDC@20mA
Sensing Range 0.5′ to 35′ (0.1 – 11m)
Operating Voltage 12~240 VDC / 24~240 VAC
Reaction time 10ms (max.)
Light Source IR LED
LEDs – Red Active
LEDs – Yellow Standby
Output SPDT Relay Output
Switching Capacity 250VAC/1A, 30VDC/2A
Operating Temperature -4º~131º F (-20º~55º C)
Enclosure IP66 Waterproof
Trigger Output SPDT Relay output (NO/NC/COM)

Product Information Sheet (PI)


Trouble Possible Origin(s) Remedy(s)
Sensor does not detect the object. 1) Sensor sensitivity is not properly set.
2) Object may have a reflective surface
which confuses sensor
Change the angle of the sensor or readjust the sensitivity setting
Yellow LED does not turn on. 1) Dirty sensor and/or reflector.
2) Reflector and/or sensor is misaligned.
1) Clean the sensor and reflector with a
damp (not wet) cloth.
2) Adjust the reflector and/or sensor for
proper alignment.
Red LED lights when object is detected, but no output No continuity between sensor and alarm
Check cable from sensor to alarm device. Test sensor.

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