Large Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor, 50ft

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  • Up to 50ft (15m) sensing range
  • Large sensor with patented design and large reflector for a large sensing area and easier alignment
  • Reflective beam provides reliable perimeter security, minimizing false alarms from falling leaves, birds, etc.
  • Lensed optics reinforces beam strength and provides excellent immunity to false alarms due to rain, snow, mist, etc.
  • Response time adjustable from 50~700 ms for nearly all situations
  • NO/NC Alarm output
  • 12~250 VAC/VDC operation
  • Weatherproof (IP55), sunlight-filtering case for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes large reflector, hoods for sensor and reflector, and mounting hardware

 Typical Applications

  • For garage or overhead doors, outdoor gates
  • Industrial automation: detect objects onmanufacturing line
Type 50Ft Large Reflective Beam Sensor
Current Draw 100mA
Sensing Range Up to 50′ (15m)
Operating Voltage 12~250VAC/VDC
Reaction time 50~700 ms (adjustable)
Light Source IR LED
LEDs – Red No beam signal, triggered
LEDs – Yellow Poor beam signal
LEDs – Green Connected to power
Alarm Output NO/NC Relay, [email protected], min. 1s
Tamper Output N.C.. Switch, [email protected]
Switching Capacity Alarm- [email protected], min. 1s, Tamper- [email protected]
Operating Temperature -13º~131º F (-25º~55º C)
Dimensions 3-3/16″ x 7-3/16″ x 3-9/16″ (81 x 182 x 91 mm), Dimensions include hood. With hood, sensor and reflector have the same dimensions.
Alignment Angle Horizontal: ±90º, vertical: ±5º
Weight Sensor- 14.5-oz (410g) (with hood), Reflector- 8.8-oz (250g) (with hood)
Enclosure Weatherproof IP55

Product Information Sheet (PI)


Sensor does not detect the object. • Check the sensor’s alignment.
• Readjust the sensor’s response time.
Alarm LED will not turn ON when the beam is interrupted • Clean the sensor and reflector with a damp (not wet) cloth.
• Adjust the reflector and/or sensor for proper alignment.
Alarm LED turns ON when object is detected, but there is no output • Check wiring between the sensor and local alarm device.
Alarm LED is continuously ON • Check the sensor’s alignment.
• Check for any objects between the sensor and reflector that may be causing false alarms.
Alarm output becomes erratic in bad weather • Check the sensor’s alignment.
• Readjust the sensor’s response time.
Frequent false alarms from leaves, birds, or other objects • Readjust the sensor’s response time.
• Change the sensor’s location.

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