Entry Alert System, 22ft

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  • Retro-reflective design
  • Perfect for monitoring an entrance or use as an entrance indicator
  • Will make “ding-dong” sound or siren sound when the beam is interrupted
  • Speaker volume can be adjusted or turned off
  • When in siren mode, sounding time is adjustable from 3 to 30 sec.
  • 9VDC adapter included
  • All components plug into each other. No hard wiring required. 32ft Cable from speaker to sensor
  • Includes the following:
                  NIR retro-reflective sensor.
                 9VDC 200mA power adapter. 6ft cable
​  ​Typical Applications:
  1. Safety sensor for garage doors
  2. Overhead doors security sensor
  3. Entry detection for store front
  4. Other applications: offices, schools, warehouse, vehicle detection, etc

Product Sounds

Type NIR Retro-Reflective Entry Alert System
Sensing Range 22′ (7m)
Operating Voltage Sensor: 9-15 VDC, Chime: 9~15 VDC
Total Current Draw 100mA Max.
Standby Current 30mA Max.
Operating Temperature -4º~122º F (-20º~50º C)
Speaker Response Time ~1 sec. for Chime, 30 sec for Alarm
Speaker Volume Adjustable from 0~max
Alarm Time Range Adjustable 3~30sec for alarm
Speaker Output Chime / Off /Alarm (select by switch)
Mounting Brackets All included
Light Source IR LED

Product Information Sheet (PI)


Trouble Possible Origin(s) Remedy(s)
Sensor does not detect the object. Sensor not aligned properly. Change the angle of the sensor or reflector.
Red LED does not turn on. 1) Reflector and/or sensor is misaligned.
2) No power.
1) Adjust the reflector and/or sensor for
proper alignment
2) Check power adapter and cable.

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