900MHz HL-Series RF Transmitter – 2-Button

The ENFORCER 900MHz HL-series RF transmitters and receivers use digital modulation for improved immunity to interference, better signal penetration in environments with heavy obstructions, and significantly longer range of up to 1,800ft (550m)* line of sight. The transmitter’s ultra-low power consumption gives you longer battery life with easy to obtain coin-type batteries (CR-2032).

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  • 917MHz Frequency
  • Wide voltage range, 10~24 VAC or 9~48 VDC, for more applications
  • Over 2.028×1031 (20.28 nonillion) possible codes to thwart code crackers and potential for duplicate codes
  • PCB antenna – no external antenna to be installed, adjusted, vandalized, or damaged
  • Five individually programmable output modes
  • Up to 99 button codes per channel
  • Available with 1 or 2 channels to control 1 or 2 devices
  • Programming by switch, no need to cut jumpers
  • LED Indicates RF reception and programming functions
  • RF Signal strength / site survey test mode to find optimal installation location
  • Compatible with all HL-series transmitters of same frequency
  • Patented

*Actual operating range will vary depending on the installation and operating environment
868MHz CE versions also available

OEM/ODM enquiries welcome
SECO-LARM has a full range of ENFORCER RF transmitters and receivers for applications from access control to perimeter security to home automation and more. We can manufacture products under your brand and with your logo. All products are FCC or CE certified to bring your products to market faster.

RF Frequency 917MHz
No. of Buttons 2
Channels 3
IP Rating Waterproof IP68
No. of Codes Over 20,280,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible codes
Dimensions 1-5/16″x3-1/16″x1/2″ (34x78x12.6mm)

Product Information Sheet (PI)




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