Access Power Controller Board, 8-Outputs

The ENFORCER 8-output Access Power Controller Board centralizes the power sources and gives individual control for various access control locking devices, such as electromagnetic locks, electric shear locks, door strikes, deadbolt locks, and more. Each output is individually controllable, individually fused, and with individual status LEDs. Each output can operate in failsafe or fail-secure modes. Each board includes wet and dry trigger inputs for emergency activation and includes power failure supervision relays and auxiliary supervision relays.

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  • For 12/24 VAC/VDC operation
  • Each output individually fused
  • Each output can operate in both fail-safe and fail-secure modes
  • Each output individually controlled
  • Individual output relays (10A@24VDC)
  • Output fuses rated at 3.0A ([email protected])
  • Individual status LEDs for each output and for emergency input
  • Auxiliary supervision relay (1A@28VDC)
  • Equipped with dry and wet trigger inputs
  • Includes auxiliary interface to enable emergency egress, alarm monitoring, or to trigger other devices
  • Includes auxiliary interface disconnect, individually selectable for each output
  • Compatible with ENFORCER Access Control Power Supplies
Input voltage 12/24 VAC/VDC
Input current draw 10A@24VAC
Number of outputs 8
Output fuse type/rating Blade 3.0A
Output relays Form C (10A@12VDC)
Auxiliary interface output DPDT (1A@28VDC)
LED – Status 8 (red, on when relay is energized)
LED – Auxiliary Interface 1 (green on when auxiliary input is triggered, alarm condition)
Operating humidity 0~95%
Operating temperature -40°~167° F (-40°~75° C)
Dimensions 8″x5-1/16″x15/16″ (204x129x23 mm)
Weight 8.9-oz (252g)

Product Information Sheet (PI)


No DC output
  •  Check whether the AC input voltage or backup battery voltage is normal
Low DC voltage output
  • Check whether the output voltage setting is correct
  • Check whether the AC input wattage is correct (see chart, pg. 3)
  • If the battery is supplying power, check whether the battery voltage
    is normal
  • Check whether the power supply board is overloaded
No backup battery power
  • Check whether the battery voltage is normal or already discharged
  • Check whether the master fuse has burned out
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