Rack-Mount DC CCTV Power Supply – 18 Outputs, 20 Amps

The ENFORCER Rack-Mount DC CCTV Power Supply includes a LCD display of output current and voltage and fits into standard 19” IT racks to integrate smoothly into an existing rack-mount setup. The unit provides flexible power and mounting options to best suit a company’s CCTV power needs in an attractive, compact package.

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    • 18 Outputs, 20A total
    • PTC fuse protected outputs, 16 outputs at 1.6A and 2 outputs at 5A
    • 11.7~13.6 VDC field-adjustable output
    • 110/220 VAC Input with selection switch
    • LCD Display of output voltage and total output current
    • LED Status indicators for each output
    • Removable screw terminal blocks for convenient installation and reliable connections
    • For rack mounting or stacking on a shelf
    • Compact 1U size fits standard racks
    • Attractive, high-tech industrial design

​*Positive temperature coefficient

Input Voltage 110~220 VAC
Fuse type PTC*
Adjustable Output Voltage Range 11.7~13.6 VDC
Number of Outputs 18
Max. Current per Output Ch. 1~2: 5A Ch. 3~18: 1.6A
Total Supply Current 20A@12VDC max.
Dimensions 1-3/4″ x 17-1/2″ x 7-7/8″ (45 x 445 x 200 mm)
Rack-Mount Height 1U
Weight 5-lb 7-oz (2.47kg)



Power does not turn on
  • Check front panel LEDs and rear main fuse
  • Ensure the power cord is firmly in its socket
Power cycles on and off
  • The unit may be overheating. Check for heat sources nearby and ensure
    ventilation holes are free from obstruction.
Voltage drop is large
  •  Use 18 gauge or thicker wire.
The camera case is hot
  •  Use 18 gauge or thicker wire.

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