1-Room Indicator with Buzzer

The ENFORCER Room Monitor can be used to monitor the occupancy status of rooms in high traffic areas: restrooms, fitting rooms, etc. The Room Monitor uses PIR and phototransistor sensors to monitor the occupancy of a room. The 1-Room Indicator includes additional features, such as a built-in buzzer and service button input, for applications where occupants may need assistance.

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  • Additional 1-Room Indicator
  • Programmable to flash after a present time (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes)
  • Indicator will flash and beep if Help Button is pressed
  • Multiple decals included
  • Micro USB or terminal block (5~12VDC)
Current Draw- Standby 6mA@12VDC
Current Draw- Active 35mA@12VDC max.
Weight 1.8-oz (50g)
Operating Voltage 5VDC via micro USB or 5~12 VDC via terminal block
Dimensions 2-1/2″x1-5/16″x1-7/8″ (64x24x48 mm)
Connections Screw terminals
Operating frequency 433.92MHz





Doesn’t work
  • Check Micro USB and USB adapter connection or wiring
Sensor will detect occupancy when
room is empty
  • If the room has a window, limit the amount of outdoor light
    or set the phototransistor OFF via the jumper
1-Room Indicator’s buzzer keeps sounding
  • Clear the memory of the service button channel in case any Sensors were accidently paired



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