Multi-Function Timer / Counter

The ENFORCER SA-025MQ Multi-Function Programmable Timer saves time with 7 programmable modes for a variety of common situations. Settings are easily programmed using three pushbuttons and an LED display.

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  • 12~24VDC (auto-sensing) operation
  • Low current draw
  • 7 modes easily programmable with pushbuttons and LED display (auto door or gate closure, guard timer, pulse extender / false trigger avoidance, timed relay output, timed pulse relay output, input counter, input timer)
  • Timer can be set to trigger a notification (red LED and/or buzzer) and/or a Form C relay output (10A@24VDC)
  • Timer can be set from 1sec~11h 59min
  • Can be triggered by N.O. pos. (+) or N.C. neg. (–) input, or by powering up the unit
  • Relay can be programmed to trigger at the start or end of the timing cycle, or to toggle
  • Relay can be programmed to pulse (0.5sec on / 0.5sec off) or steady on (1sec~11h 59min)
  • Includes reset input (N.O.–) to manually reset cycle
Operating Temperature -40°~158° F (-40°~70° C)
Operating Voltage 12~24 VDC (auto sensing)
Current Draw – Active 65~100mA@12/24VDC (relay and buzzer activated)
Current Draw – Standby 20~40mA@12/24VDC
Dimensions 2-11/16″x11/8″x3-1/4″ (68x28x83 mm)

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