RTE Plate with Pneumatic Timer – Single-Gang, Red Mushroom Button

The ENFORCER SD-7X13-XSP series Request-to-Exit Plates with Pneumatic Timer is ideal for applications where providing power to a timer is inconvenient, hazardous or not conforming with local codes and ordinances. Adjusting the time is easy via a timing screw and can be performed on the spot without tools.

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  • Built-in pneumatic timer – no power required (1~60s)
  • Excellent for installations where supplying additional timer power is inconvenient
  • Reliable American-made pneumatic components
  • D.P.S.T.
  • NO/NC contact rated [email protected]
  • EXIT” and “SALIDA” silk-screened on plate
Type Request-to-Exit Plates with Pneumatic Timer
Switching Capacity [email protected]
Built-in Timer pneumatic timer – no power required (1~60s).
Wiring- Red 2x N.C. #18 AWG 9″ (230mm)
Wiring- White 2x N.O. #18 AWG 9″ (230mm)
Dimensions (Height x Width) 4-1/2″x2-3/4″ (115×70 mm)
Dimensions (Depth) 3-1/2″ (88mm)

Product Information Sheet (PI)


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