RF Wireless Request-to-Exit Plate, Single-Gang, Green 2″ Square Button

The ENFORCER® Wireless RF Request-to-Exit Plate is the ideal solution for difficult access control installations. The RTE plate allows egress from protected areas by easily connecting to an electric door-strike or electromagnetic lock without wires.

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  • Built-in RF transmitter:
    Powered by 9VDC (battery included)
    Range up to 250ft (76m).* 315MHz
    Over 68 billion (6.8×1010) possible codes
  • Dual-colored LED to indicate transmission:
    Blue: Normal operation
    Red: Low battery
  • Stainless-steel single-gang or slimline plate
  • English “PUSH TO EXIT” and Spanish “Presione para Salir” messages included with SD-8202GT-PEQ and SD-8103GT-PEQ
*Actual range will vary greatly depending on the installation and  operating environment.
Operating Frequency 315 MHz
Operating voltage 9VDC
Battery Life Up to four (4) years (60 uses per day)
Dimensions 4-1/2″ x 2-3/4″ x 2-1/4″ (114 x 70 x 57 mm)

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