Surface-Mount Bracket Kit for SD-997B-GBQ Fail-safe Electric Deadbolt

This electric deadbolt mounting bracket kit allows you to mount SECO-LARM’s SD-997B-GBQ deadbolt on the door jamb instead of in the door and door frame for those situations where in-door mounting is not possible due to space or door material considerations

The SD-997SMB-AQ kit includes two brackets, one for the deadbolt itself, and the other for the deadbolt’s strike plate. One side of the brackets can be quickly removed for easy screwing into the door or the door jamb. Installation on nearly any type of door is fast and easy

The brackets have an attractive brushed aluminum finish, and were designed to withstand years of abuse resulting from continuous locking and unlocking of the door.

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  • Adds concealed deadbolt security to most wood or hollow metal doors, with the added convenience of electrical operation
  • Magnetic switch senses door position for positive locking
  • Attempts to lock several times if door is not closed properly to prevent solenoid from burning out
  • Fail-safe operation (unlocks if power is lost)
  •  Stainless-steel bolt, 5/8” diameter, 5/8” throw
  • Includes control wire which allows for releasing without cutting unit’s power
  • 12/24 VDC Operation (auto sensing)
  • Door open/close monitor (NO/C/NC)
  • Adjustable door lock delay timer (0, 2.5, 5, or 9 seconds)
  • Mounting hardware included

Product Information Sheet (PI)


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