SLI 259A

Dual-Stage Microwave Sensor for Vehicle Security

The SLI 259A detects the movement of mass through a protected area (i.e. an arm reaching into a car or a door being opened). The SLI 259A has dual-zone protection. It combines both perimeter pre-intrusion warning and instant interior trigger protection. It does this by transmitting and receiving a high-frequency RF signal. When an object moving towards the vehicle is detected, the high-frequency RF signal will change. This change will cause the microwave sensor to send a trigger signal to the alarm.

  • Ideal for vehicles with cloth or open tops, or open sunroofs
  • Patented electromagnetic technology prevents false alarms, offers 360° protection
  • Dual-stage protection — Chirps siren if exterior zone violated (someone gets too close to car), triggers alarm if interior zone is violated (break-in or vandalism attempt)
  • Plugs directly into any ENFORCER® alarm. Easily connects to non-ENFORCER® alarms
  • Separate microfine sensitivity adjustment of interior and exterior zones for excellent zone separation
  • Built-in LED indicates interior and exterior zone status
No. of Zones 2
Trigger Output Transistor ground
Pre-Alert Output Transistor ground
LED Tri-color
LED Status Indication Power-up, incorrectly connected, sensitivity, internal and external zone trigger status
No. of Sensitivity Adjustment Pods 2
Programmable External Protection? Triggers the alarm if 4 pre-intrusion alerts occur within 15 sec.

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