Power Converter, 1.5A@12VDC Output

ENFORCER Power Converters “step down” voltage, converting low-voltage AC or DC into regulated DC outputs. These converters are useful for DC CCTV cameras, access controls, and many other applications where low-voltage DC output is required.

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  • Three models available, providing varying degrees of low-voltage DC output
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Regulated and filtered output
  • Green LED indicates power input
  • 2.1mm DC Plug with pigtail for simple and quick installations
Input Connector Terminal block
Output Connector 2.1mm DC Plug
Input Voltage 18~28 VAC/VDC
Output Voltage 12VDC
Current Draw 1.5A
LED Indicators Green: Power input
Current Protection Built-in
Overheat Protection Built-in
Overload Protection Built-in
Dimensions 1-15/16″ x 1-7/16″ x 15/16″ (50 x 37 x 24 mm)

Product Information Sheet (PI)


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