Wired Long-Range RF Transmitter

The ENFORCER HL-Series RF transmitters and receivers offer significantly increased range with greatly increased immunity to interference, whether physical obstacles, temperature extremes, or other environmental factors. The wired transmitter allows you to easily make other devices wireless.

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  • Includes one 3VDC lithium battery (CR2032)
  • May also be powered by an external 4.5~13 VDC external regulated adapter (not included)
  • Frequency – 917MHz*
  • Operating range up to 1,800ft (550m)†
  • Over 2.028×1031 possible codes
  • LED transmission and low-battery indicator
  • Compatible with all SECO-LARM HL-series receivers of the same frequency
  • Also available without logo – HL-951T1-SWUQ
  • Patented

*868MHz also available with CE certification
†Actual range will vary depending on the installation and operating environment

Type Wired RF transmitter
Wiring Switch: Two 6″ N.O. blue wires Power: Two 6″ wires (red +, black –)
Power Battery: 1x 3VDC button battery (CR-2032, included) External: 4.5~13VDC regulated adapter
Battery life Up to 10 years
RF frequency 917MHz†
Operating range up to 11,800ft (550m)‡
# of Buttons 1
# of Channels 1
# of Codes Over 20,280,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible codes
Dimensions 3-1/16″x1-5/16″x1/2″ (78x34x13 mm)

*Calculated based on ten 1-second button presses per day.
†868MHz also available which has CE certification
‡Actual operating range will vary based on installation and operating environment

Product Information Sheet (PI)




  1. Check the battery if not using an external power source.
  2. Change to a fresh battery if needed.
  3. Check for interference or obstructions
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