5 O/P Power Distribution Board for EAP-5D5Q

The PD-5PAQ 5-output power distribution board centralizes the power sources for access control electronic locking devices, such as electromagnetic locks, sheer locks, electric door strikes, deadbolt locks, and so on. It provides a separate fuse for each output so that problems with one device may be isolated from the other devices. Each output operates in both fail-safe and fail-secure modes. The board includes wet and dry trigger inputs for emergency door activation such as for releasing emergency exit doors. It is also equipped with power failure supervision relays and auxiliary supervision relays.


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• Five individually PTC-fused outputs
• Each output will operate in both fail-safe and fail secure modes
• Output fuses rated 1.1 Amps
• Individual LED status indicator for each output, power input, and trigger
• For 12VDC or 24VDC operation
• Power failure supervision relay (3 Amps @ 24VDC)
• Auxiliary supervision relay (3 Amps @ 24VDC)
• Equipped with dry and wet trigger inputs
• Dimensions – 39/16“x55/16“x11/16” (90x135x27 mm)

Input Voltage 12/24 VDC
Fuse type PTC
Output Voltage 12 or 24VDC selectable via DIP switch
Adjustable Output Voltage Range 11~15 @ 12VDC setting, via VR switch, 23~26 @ 24VDC setting, via VR switch
Number of Outputs 5
Total Supply Current [email protected] / [email protected]
Output fuse rating 1.1A
End-of-Line Resistor (EOL) Selectable ON (2.2KΩ) or OFF via DIP switch
AC-Fail Relay Delay Timer Selectable @ 5sec, 5min or 5hr via DIP switch
Supervision Relays Contact Rating: [email protected] Dry Relay Output



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