Armored Door Cord – Plastic end caps, 16″ (41cm)

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  • Plastic end caps
  • Designed to carry wiring to conduct power to electric locks or access systems mounted in doors
  • Mounting screws included
  • Surface-mount
  • Inside door cord diameter: 5/16” (8mm)
  • Outside door cord diameter: 7/16” (11mm)
  • Stainless steel cord length: 16″ (41cm)
  • End cap dimensions: 1-3/6″x1/2″x1-3/8″ (30x13x35 mm)
End Cap Plastic
Inside Door Cord Diameter 5/16″ (8mm)
Outside Door Cord Diameter 7/16″ (11mm)
Cord Length 16″ (41cm)
Construction Plastic ends

Product Information Sheet (PI)


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