Electric Deadbolt – Fail-Secure

SECO-LARM Electric Deadbolts add concealed deadbolt security to most wood or hollow metal doors, with the convenience of electrical operation. They are designed for hollow metal door frames and not recommended for wooden door frames, though the door can be wood or metal.

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  • Dual voltage – 12/24 VDC
  • Stainless steel for strength and long life with stainless steel bolt, 5/8″ diameter, 5/8″ throw
  • Magnetic switch senses door position for positive locking
  • Door open/close monitor (NO/NC/COM)
  • Adjustable door lock delay timer
  • Shallow design for use with most metal door jambs
  • Powered by a solenoid
  • Attempts to relock multiple times if the door is not closed properly
Operation type Fail-secure
Operation voltage 12/24 VDC
Current Draw Standby: 330mA@12VDC / 205mA@24VDC
Active: 880mA@12VDC / 470mA@24VDC
Door status sensor SPDT 250mA@12VDC (NO/NC/COM)
Lock delay timer 0/3/5/9 sec (adjustable)
Operating humidity 0~85% non-condensing
Operating temperature 32~194° F (0~90° C)
Dimensions Lock: 7-7/8″x1-1/4″x1-9/16″ (200×31.8×40.5 mm)
Strike plate: 3-9/16″x1″x1/8″ (90×25.7×3 mm)
Weight 2-lb 5-oz (1kg)

Product Information Sheet (PI)


Problem Possible Cause Solutions:
Deadbolt does not activate when the door closes. The sensor in the lock body is too far from the magnet in the strike plate. • Try adjusting the strike plate, lock body position, or shims.
Deadbolt activates when the door is closed, but does not lock the door Deadbolt may not be properly going into the deadbolt hole in the door. • Make sure the deadbolt is going into the hole and not hitting the strike plate. If not, you must reposition the strike plate.
• If the deadbolt is going into the hole, it may be hitting the bottom of the hole (if it is in a wooden door). In this case, drill a deeper hole
How to reset unit. • When testing, if necessary, reset the unit by grounding the orange wire momentarily.
For any other problems. • Replace the unit, and test again. A problem unit can also be substituted for a working unit in another door frame to see if it works there.
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