Bluetooth Access Controller – Post-Mount Keypad / Proximity Reader

Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology in a rugged, post-mount enclosure with unique hinged faceplate for easy access to the terminal block. No codes to remember and an intuitive app design for easy, visual programming as well as convenience and security for user and administrator. All data is secured on the device without the risks inherent in an internet connection.

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  • No Codes to Remember – Intuitive, visual app-based programming and management, 1,000 users, device options, etc.
  • No Cloud, No Internet Exposure – All data secured locally on device, set and monitored by the administrator
  • App-Based Programming – No complicated software to install, no subscription fees
  • More Than Access – Control doors, gates, lighting, machinery, etc.
  • Secure, Integrated Bluetooth – Passcode protected, AES 128
  • Easy Installation – No control panel necessary
  • Output Modes – Timed relock (1~1,800 seconds), continually unlocked or locked, toggle
  • Hold Open – Hold door open with code or app (customizable)
  • User Customization – Individually customizable output mode / time
  • Multiple User Types – Permanent, scheduled, temporary, # of times
  • Authorized User Monitor – Displays total number of users to guard against unauthorized additions
  • User List Export / Import – for archiving, replicating to other devices, or for off-device editing on a computer
  • Three Ways to Unlock or Trigger a Device – Keypad, proximity card, or app
  • Unlimited Devices – Access/manage unlimited devices with one app
  • Easy Backup/Restore – Off-device storage / restoration / replication
  • Wrong-Code Lockout – Customizable # of wrong codes and time
  • Tamper Alarm Output – Customizable alarm timing and sensitivity
  • Multilingual App Interface – English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese
  • Weatherproof (IP65)

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App-Based Programming and Management

This product is paired with the SL Access™ app for both user access with a smartphone but also to greatly simplify the task of setup and management for the installer and administrator. Initial setup is much faster, and the setup and user data can be downloaded for almost instant setup of additional devices. Follow up administration is also simple without consulting a manual for setup codes. A downloadable Audit Trail gives you easy, ongoing security and access monitoring.

Available for iOS (11.0 and above) and Android (5.0 and above).

A new firmware update is available for all ENFORCER Bluetooth® Access Controllers and we recommend that you update all current devices to this latest version (firmware v.2.29).
Please download the “SL Access™ OTA Firmware Update Guide”

Operating voltage 9~25 VDC
Current draw (max.) Standby:  52mA@12VDC, 30mA@24VDC
Active (max.):  62mA@12VDC, 35mA@24VDC
Outputs Form C: 2.0A@30VDC
Tamper alarm: 100mA@30VDC (solid state N.C.)
Egress input N.O. Ground
Door sensor input N.C. Ground
Proximity reader EM 125kHz
IP Rating IP65 Weatherproof
Material Housing: 5/64″ (2mm) Anodized steel, powder paint
Faceplate: Stainless steel
Operating humidity 0-95%, non-condensing
Operating temperature -4°~122° F (-20°~50° C)
Dimensions 5″x6-9/16″x3-11/16″ (127x166x94 mm)
Weight 3-lb 3-oz (1.45kg)

Product Information Sheet (PI)


Quick Installation/Set-up Guide

SL Access™ App User Manual

SL Access™ OTA Firmware Update Guide

Product Specifications

Installation Manual and Administrator Guide

User Instructions

ENFORCER Bluetooth® Access Controller User FAQ


Users can't access the device and the LED is flashing between red and blue.

Answer: The wrong-code lockout has been activated. Either wait till the set lockout time has expired, or the ADMIN can use the app to interrupt the lockout.

My device doesn't show on the home screen.

Answer: Move closer to the device. Exit and reopen the app.

I’ve lost the phone which I’ve used as ADMIN.

Answer: You can switch to any other phone and log in with your ADMIN password. However, immediately change the ADMIN password for better security

The home screen always says “Log In” even after I have logged in.

Answer: Bluetooth LE doesn’t keep a permanent connection to your phone so it can’t know whether you are logged in to a nearby device or not. You should normally not need to log in again if you continue to use the same device.

Another device is showing on my home screen and I am not logged in.

Answer: The app will scan for and show nearby devices and the strongest signal will appear at the top of the screen. However, you will not be able to access the device unless you have the device’s ADMIN passcode or a user passcode for the device.

Clicking “Settings” does not take me to the ADMIN settings.

Answer: Make sure that the device shown at the top of the home screen is a device you have credentials for. Make sure that you have logged in as ADMIN.

I’m seeing “Door forced open” in the Audit Trail, but I know no one has forced entry.

Answer: The same message is used to indicate a door propped open. If a door is kept open longer than the set relock time, it will register as “Door forced open.”

The locked icon returns to the home screen even when the door is still unlocked.

Answer: The unlocked icon only shows that a signal has been sent to unlock the door. Because Bluetooth LE only maintains the connection long enough to send an “unlock” signal, it cannot know when the door is relocked.

A user is not able to unlock the door.

Answer: Ensure that the user is logged in with the correct user ID and passcode. If scheduled or temporary, make sure that the time setting for AM and PM are correct.

I can’t find the backup file on my iOS phone.

Answer: The settings backup file is not accessible to users on iOS.

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