Outdoor Piezoelectric Request-to-Exit Pushbutton – Single-gang

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  • ETL, Conforms to UL Std. 294
  • Piezoelectric push buttons for indoor or outdoor use (IP65)
  • LED ring around button changes from green to red or red to green when the button is pressed
  • Timed or toggle output
  • Available with separate manual override button in case of power to piezoelectric pushbutton fails
  • SPDT Relay rated 2.5A@24 VAC/VDC with two individually programmable outputs (NO/NC)
Operating voltage 12~24 VDC
Current drain 40mA@12VDC
Contact rating 2.5A@24 VAC/VDC
Ring LED (Colors reversible via switch) Standby: Red
Output time 1~30 s, Toggle
IP Rating Weatherproof IP65
Operating temperature 32º~158º F (0º~70º C)
Plate Material Stainless steel
Weight 3.5-oz (99g)

Product Information Sheet (PI)


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