Mini No-Cut Electric Door Strike

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  • Converts cylindrical lock sets into an electronic access-controlled locking system
  • Fail-secure operation – Door remains locked if power to the strike is lost
  • 2-wire installation, non-polarized connection
  • Stainless steel keeper for strength and long life
  • Includes Stainless Steel No-Cut and Silver-Colored Aluminum Low-Cut* Strike Plates
  • Can be used with virtually any cylindrical door locking system
  • Can be used with an optional digital keypad, pushbutton switch, and other entry devices.
  • Suitable for office-type applications
  • Reversible non-handed design fits either right-hand or left-hand doors
  • Shallow design for use with most metal doors
  • Powered by a solenoid, not a buzzer coil
  • For indoor use​
  • Optional Bronze-Colored Aluminum Low-Cut* Strike Plate (SD-991RA-61Q/B) available:

*Fits most metal or wood doors with minimum cutting of door frame beyond the hole for the strike

Operating Voltage 12VDC
Current Draw 280mA@12VDC
Latch Throw 1/2″ (13mm)
Static Strength 1,000-lb (454kg)
Endurance 250,000 Cycles (Factory tested)
Operating Temperature 14°~120° F (-10°~49° C)
Operating Humidity 0~85% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions Stainless Steel No-Cut Plate: 2-3/4″x1-1/8″x15/16″ (70x28x24 mm)

Product Information Sheet (PI)




Electric strike does not activate
  • Unmount the strike and check that the two wires are connected properly
  • Ensure the wires are connected to a 12VDC source
  • Use a multimeter to test that the strike is receiving the proper voltage and amperage. If it is not, it may be necessary to use heavier gauge wires, or increase the output of the power supply
  • Make sure the activation device (keypad, pushbutton switch, etc.) is working properly
Door does not open when the electric strike
is activated
  • Check that the door latch is operating properly and replace if necessary
  • The position of the electric strike may need to be adjusted by moving it or adding washers or shims

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