7-Day Timer

The ENFORCER SA-027WQ 7-Day Timer can be programmed to operate a Form C relay 24 hours a day on a weekly basis for various applications including security, access control, lighting, and environmental control. The relay can be programmed for up to 60 events with each event on a weekly or daily schedule. A programmable holiday disables the timer for a single day weekly.

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  • Wide operating voltage range – 10~48 VDC, 12~24 VAC
  • One (1) N.O. or N.C. Form C relay, 10A@14VDC, with an egress input
  • First-person-in (first-man-in, FM) function interrupts the normal operation of the timer
  • 60 Programmable events set weekly, daily, or hourly, over a week
  • Programmable holiday event – holiday from 1~31 days in duration
  • EEPROM Memory for safe data protection in case of power failure
  • No clock battery to replace – built-in super capacitor saves date/time 5-10 days after power loss
  • Easy troubleshooting status checks – relay test, power input voltage
  • Passcode protection can be turned ON or OFF
  • Event outputs can be programmed to disable, ON, OFF, shunt, or momentary (1~99 seconds)
  • Enable/Disable 1-hour offset as a quick setting during Daylight Savings Time
  • Large alphanumeric white backlit LCD display for easy programming
Operating voltage 10~48 VDC / 12~24  VAC
Number of relays 2 Form C
Relay contact rating 10A@14VDC
Relay active current draw 110mA@12VDC ±10% (per channel)
Standby current draw 14mA@12VDC ±10%
Backup battery type 12VDC (supports lead-acid compatible battery, not included)
Battery charge Smart charge, 50mA max., when battery is ≥11.5V and ≤12.8V
Event capacity 60 per relay
Operating temperature -4°~167° F (-20°~75° C)
Dimensions 4-1/8″x3″x15/16″ (105x76x33 mm)
Weight 5.6-oz (158g)

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