Outdoor Wave-to-Open Sensor – Slimline – French

The ENFORCER Outdoor Wave-to-Open Sensor is a full-featured exit plate which uses IR technology to allow egress from a protected area or activate a device with the simple wave of a hand. Since no touch is required, this sensor is suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, cleanrooms (to reduce the risk of contamination), schools, factories, or offices.

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  • ETL, Conforms to UL Std. 294
  • Adjustable sensor range up to 7″ (18cm)
  • Weatherproof (IP65) for outdoor use*
  • Stainless steel plate
  • 1.2A relay, adjustable trigger duration 0.8~30 seconds or toggle
  • LED illuminated sensor area for easy identification
  • Selectable LED colors (turns from red to green or green to red) to show sensor activate

​*When properly installed


Operating temperature 12~24 VDC
Current draw (max. ±10%) Standby red (12/24 VDC): 13mA / 15mA
Triggered green (12/24 VDC): 21mA / 25mA
Standby green (12/24 VDC): 12mA / 14mA
Triggered red (12/24 VDC):  23mA / 28mA
Relay type SPDT dry contact, 1.2A@24VDC
Response time 10ms
LED Standby: Red*
Triggered: Green*
Ouput duration 0.8~30 s, toggle
Range 2″~7″ (5~18 cm)
Destructive attack level Level I
Line security Level I
Endurance level Level IV
Standby power Level I
IP Rating Weatherproof, IP65
Operating Temperature -4°~131° F (-20°~55° C)
Dimensions 1-1/2″ x4-1/2″(39 x115 mm)
Weight 2.2-oz (61g)

*Color function reversible †When properly installed

Product information Sheet (PI)



Sensor is triggering unintentionally.
  • ENFORCER Outdoor Wave-to-Open Sensors can be used either indoors or outdoors. However, due to infrared technology limitations, it is recommended that a hood or shield be used when installing outdoors to shield the sensor from direct light (sunlight, reflections from shiny objects, etc.). Direct light may cause the sensor to trigger unintentionally.
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